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I've decided I want to randomly spam you all with celebrities that I love... So I chose 100 awesome people, and I'm giving you 5 per day. (they're in alphabetical order b/c the thought of ranking them made me want to die)
I love them all for different reasons; some b/c they have awesome personalities, some b/c I really appreciate their talent, and some just b/c they're hot.

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LST: Patchy ain't dead. Got it?

B/C I have no real life to update about, here are a couple memes...

¤ Meme the First!
Respond to this post with "Interests, please" and I'll pick six of your LJ interests for you to explain in a new post.

thistwilight picked some for me!
benry gale linus, destiny = fickle bitch, escalator speeches, handsome hobos, patchy the piñata, schmoopy looks
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¤ Meme the Second!
Ask me a question about:
-me & my life
-my fandomness
Give me a sentence to say

mov: Kick Ass - Hit Girl

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My gmail is back! Gah that was frustrating!
And I still have no idea why it was suspended in the first place... rrg.
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