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Scrapbook: Twenty Eleven

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© merlinburgh
2010 - Jan 01
© merlinburgh
Jan 01 - Feb 07
© merlinburgh
Feb 07 - present

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2010 - January 30th January 30th - February 6th
February 6th - March 30th
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March 30th - May 8th
fanart © RatCreature
May 8th - present  

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Favorite Songs:
Only Girl (In The World)

Comics & Books Read:
Young Justice #001
by Art Baltazar, Franco, Mike Norton
It's moving-in day for Superboy and Miss Martian as they choose their rooms at their new headquarters! But the Boy of Steel is haunted by the Cave's memories and strange visions of his past…
Young Justice #002
by Art Baltazar, Franco, Mike Norton
Superboy discovers that an unwanted guest in the team's cave is not really what he appears to be! Is the threat deadly to only The Boy of Steel – or is the enture Justice League in danger, as well? Superboy struggles to find the balance between fighting for himself and for the sake of others!
Young Avengers
by Allan Heinberg and Jimmy Cheung
Meet the Young Avengers! Earth's Mightiest Heroes may not be sure if they want a next generation following their lead, but they're getting it whether they like it or not in this acclaimed series!
Young Avengers Presents
They’re back at last! Patriot, Hulkling, Wiccan, Vision, Stature and Hawkeye! Where have they been and what is their place in this new post-CIVIL WAR Marvel Universe? It will take six issues by six top creative teams to tell the tale!

Fanfic Recs:
by rageprufrock | SPN | Dean/Castiel | R | ~23,800
Don't go into Restoration Hardware unless you're prepared for Cas to pay $500 for a Vulcan deer.
by seraphwings | SPN | Dean/Nick; Dean/Castiel | R | ~1,900
The longer Dean stays under the siren's spell, the more he forgets.
What's Done in the Dark
by ghostwriter056 | SPN | John/Dean | NC-17 | ~18,000
At fifteen, Dean was irreversibly injured on John's watch. After an incident with a shapeshifter threatens to damage Dean even more, both confess their feelings for the other, but accept that Dean can't live the hunter way of life anymore. Eleven years later, Sam, unaware of their relationship and the things that led to it, is pulled back into hunting by John who needs his help in protecting Dean while he searches for the Colt.
The Freaky Box Thing
by cloudyjenn | SPN | Dean/Castiel | PG-13 | ~3,300
A freaky box thing steals people's memories and then some stuff happens.
Parting Shots
by leonidaslion | SPN | Sam/Dean | NC-17 | ~5,000
Sam's leaving for Stanford, but he wants something before he goes ...

In The Deafening Silence
by leonidaslion | SPN | Dean/OMC | NC-17 | ~43,800
In the aftermath, the silence can be deafening ...
by waiting4noexit | SPN | Dean/Castiel, Sam/Castiel | NC-17 | ~4,600
Sam gets hit by a fuck-or-die spell... only it's more like fuck-Cas-or-die. Dean doesn't find the idea of his brother fucking his boyfriend all that appealing.
Fire Escape
by foxlives | SPN | Sam/Dean | PG-13 | ~6,100
They're in the city this gig, Cleveland. Dean hates it, feeling cubicled between tall buildings and people and infinite possibilities of evil. Sam could be anywhere, and Dean can't watch for him across long flat plains or grassland or desert. Dean can turn around and Sam's already lost in all the people, inunique and it could take ages for Dean to get him back. All Dean's asking for right now, is to have Sam back.
Come Down Off Your Throne
by fairywearsbootz | SPN | Dean/Castiel | R | ~27,000
Three years since they've defeated Lucifer and to Dean it's still just the day Cas died. So this year's anniversary of their big glorious victory finds him in southern Utah all by himself, checking out a couple of unexplained deaths he would never consider hunt-worthy under normal circumstances. That is until he wakes up one night and right there, in the middle of his room, is Cas.
Love is a Battlefield
by peroxide_fic | SPN | Dean/Castiel | PG-13 | ~23,500
Cas makes new friends and Dean hates them a lot.
L.O.V.E. Is Not What This Is
by carmexgirl | SPN | Dean/Castiel | NC-17 | ~8,100
Dean knows exactly what this is, knows it's just someone helping him out. But he can't help but want more.
Who If I Cried Out Would Hear Me
by misachan | SPN | gen or pre-slash Dean/Castiel | PG-13 | ~6,500
Dean goes missing on a hunt; Castiel can hear him but can't find him, and longer the situation drags on the unhappier Cas gets. An angry angel of the Lord is not someone to be messed with.
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