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Portia De Rossi

Of course I love her from Arrested Development
But before that I loved her on Ally McBeal, which I unfortantely can't find any good clips of..
She was awesome in Better Off Ted
She's so cute XD
She and Ellen are basically my favorite celeb couple ever to exist.

Kat Dennings

I'm not really sure why I like her so much. I mean, she's in some good movies... But whatever..
Charlie Bartlett is sooooo good.
okay, maybe The House Bunny wasn't good... but it was entertaining..
Nick and Norah was alright too.
Srsly YouTube? This was the best clip from 40 Year Old Virgin I could find.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Let's take a minute to forget how attractive he is, and just appreciate some movies, yes?
More Romeo + Juliet love.
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Catch Me If You Can XD
And my favorite: Gangs of New York
I am really looking forward to seeing Inception.
This amuses me

Robert Downey Jr

More Charlie Bartlett love :)
Just watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang a couple of weeks ago.
The face he makes @ about 26s...
I love all the interviews he did with Jude Law for Sherlock Holmes
I'd add more (b/c there are so many more reason why I love him), but I am feeling lazy and really want to get back to watching Supernatural.

David Duchovny

And I've got some major love for Californication
And remember when he was the hand model in Zoolander! XD
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