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I had to take Thurs and Fri off from this, b/c I had to work early... And these posts (going through and finding all the right clips) take forever to put together...

Claire Danes

Most of my reasons for loving her are pretty old... But there's quite a few of them.
Like Little Women
And I remember loving My So-Called Life, but the only thing I actually specifically remember from the entire show is this conversation.
Also, Romeo + Juliet (sorry about the text over the clip, but it was the only video of this clip I could find)
I also really like Igby Goes Down
and I remember this Gap ad but I didn't realize she was in it until today..


Their podcasts made Lost so much better.. And Lost was already awesome..
I can't wait to get the series DVDs so I can watch with their commentary
I feel like I just posted this video not tool long ago, but I will post it again, b/c it amuses me ;)

Gareth David-Lloyd

John and Gareth
Gareth and Kai (Rhys) - It's kind of hard to hear, but whatever

Daniel Day-Lewis

He's best when yelling. It's just a fact.
Whoopsy Daisy!
I also recommend The Ballad Of Jack And Rose,
in which his daughter is totally inappropriately in love with him.
I, however, do not recommend Last Of The Mohicans... That movie sucked.

Felicia Day

You don't watch The Guild? What's wrong with you?!
It's so awesome, there's even a music video :)
Plus, you know, Dr. Horrible.
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