Molly (merlinburgh) wrote,

Lahv Lahv Lahv: 016-020


Jennifer Carpenter

I love Deb and her horrible language.
I don't like horror movies, but I loved Quarantine.

George Clooney

Loved him since ER.
One of my favorite things about him? He had a pet pig :)
And this is just random..

James Corden

Just so you know, whenever British comedians show up on this list you're just going to be getting clips from
The Big Fat Quiz,
Never Mind The Buzzcocks,
and other various quiz/panel shows.. (I just love when he laughs)
And oh hey! James was in a great episode of DW this season :D

Angel Coulby

Love Gwen!
Ok, I really couldn't find any other clips that don't involve Bradley James stealing the show...

John Francis Daley

Freaks & Geeks! Sam was so adorable :)
And I love Waiting...
And if I still watched Bones, I'm pretty sure it would be for him.

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