Molly (merlinburgh) wrote,

Lahv Lahv Lahv: 011-015


Russell Brand

I originally fell in love with him when he was Noel's team mate on Big Fat Quiz.
I also enjoyed him a lot in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
And stand-up!

Alison Brie

Community is The. Best.
She has good taste in the fellas.
Did I mention that Community is the best??
I don't even know what this is from, but Alison's faint is hilarious.
You don't sacrifice a chicken before every show?

James Callis

I think you all know that I am in love with Gaius frakking Baltar.
Talking about auditioning for BSG.
Oh yes.
In Bear's mockumentary about BSG's music..
I love him when Gaius is all sciency.

Paul Campbell

Apart from being way too lovable on BSG,
he was in a pilot that never got picked up: Nobody's Watching
And I know I just posted this video, but Paul + Lost = epic awesome

Lizzy Caplan

Party Down!
And apparently I was the only person who watched Related..
But let's face it... We all love her for Mean Girls.

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